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AuthorClay Curtis
TitleWeekly Bulletin 05-13-2012
Bible TextEphesians 5:20
Article Type Bulletin
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May 13, 2012


Rocky Hill Firehouse, 2nd Floor
150 Washington Street
Rocky Hill, New Jersey, 08553
Telephone: 615-513-4464 

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Sunday 10:15 AM Bible Class
Sunday 11 AM Morning Service
Thursday 7:30 PM Midweek Service 


Ephesians 5:20; Hebrews 13:15 

We have nothing of ourselves.  The only thing that has ever come from a sinner made new by the grace of God is by God only, to his praise and glory and not the believers.  So no sinner has any reason to pat ourselves on the back for anything.

Give Thanks unto God our Father

Believers give thanks “always for all things unto God and our Father.”  The gifts of God our Father include all things. (Jn 3:27; 1 Cor 3:21-23)  Chiefly, the believer gives thanks for God’s unspeakable gift—his Son.  In Christ everything required of the believer God the Father has made us so that there remains nothing else for us to do to enter into God’s presence. (Col 1:12) We are delivered and translated (Col 1:13), have redemption and forgiveness (Col 1:14), and have peace and reconciliation. (Col 1:20-22)  We have been and shall be presented perfect to God by Christ who washed us. (Col 1:22)  We are as complete in Christ as Christ is the fullness of the God head bodily. (Col 2:8-10--“complete” is the same word as “fullness”, also used in Mt. 5:17) Therefore we thank God and our Father. (Col 2:6-7) Brethren, remember, all things God the Father has given us are for the purpose of setting forth the good news that eternal life is the gift of God and this life is in his Son. (Col 3:17)

Give Thanks in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ

We have access to God only in the name of his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Lord Jesus is the Door, the Way to God the Father for God’s elect. (Eph 2:18)  When we own Jesus to be our Lord we are confessing to God that we have bowed, surrendered, and cheerfully submitted under the rule and dominion of Jesus Christ. (Phil 2:9-11)  Believers confess that Jesus Christ is our Lord: our King, Governor, Head, and our government rests in his hand.  I remind you that this is more than just something we say it is a heart made new. (1 Cor 12:3)  Giving thanks unto the Father in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Christ is to confess and thank the Father that we believe that the One who died on the cross is our Savior who successfully put away our sin by his one offering. (Mt 1:21; Acts 4:10-12)  Giving thanks to the Father in the name of Christ is to thank the Father and confess to God that we believe that Jesus is the Son of God whom the Father himself chose and anointed Messiah. (Jn 6:69; Heb 7:25)  So we give thanks unto the Father always for all things in “the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Give Thanks to the Name of God (Heb 13:15)

Everything God gives and everything the sinner praises and gives thanks for are declared by his name.  So when we praise him and give him thanks we are really giving thanks to his name: JEHOVHAH Jireh--I AM the Lord will provide (Gen 22:14), JEHOVAH Rapha--I AM the Lord that healeth thee (Ex 15:25-26), JEHOVHAH Nissi--I AM the Lord your banner (Ex 17:15), JEHOVAH Tzidkenu--I AM the Lord your Righteousness (Jer 23:6; 33:16), JEHOVAH Shalom--I AM the Lord your peace (Judg 6:24), JEHOVAH Shammah--I AM the Lord is there (Eze 48:35), JEHOVAH Ra-ah--I AM the LORD your Shepherd. (Ps 23)  JEHOVAH-Jesus thy Savior. (Is 43:3)

Brethren, I hope this helps put in perspective what it is to truly give thanks and how much we truly have to be thankful for. (1 Chr 29:11-13)

Saved in Childbearing

1 Timothy 2:15: Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.

      The first mother in scripture is Eve. She was first in the transgression, just as every saved sinner will confess that they are first in transgressing against our God (1 Tim 1:15). Still, by declaring Christ (the Seed of woman) was coming God magnified His unchangeable grace toward the woman, His bride, His elect church, the mother of us all (Gen 3:15; Mal 2:16; Isa 62:5; 54:13). Also, God declared the woman would have great sorrow in childbearing (Gen 3:16). This sorrow speaks not only to what you ladies have to bear in having children, but to the travail God’s church had to endure as Satan did everything he could to prevent Christ from coming into this earth: Pharaoh ordered all the male Israelite children to be killed; Haman sought to destroy all the Jews…the people of Mordecai (Est 3:6); Herod slew all the children that were in Bethlehem, (Mt 2:16. See Rev 12:1-6). God declared the only salvation for the woman (the church) is submission to her husband (a type of Christ Jesus) who rules her in wisdom, providing her every need (Gen 3:16; Song 7:10; Isa 26:8; Eph 5:22-33).

     Submission of the woman to her husband is despised in our day. “Contemporary religion” places women in pulpits and allows women to usurp authority over men. Free-will congregations claim to be the bride of Christ yet teach the woman has the rule over her husband by their message that the sinner (the bride) provides for Christ (the Husband) in allowing Him to save her. The more this is the case the more hated it is for man to be in authority in the church, to be head over the wife and his children in the home, even the scriptures become politically incorrect. But at the core of it all is Satan’s desire to turn Christ’s bride from submitting to Christ Jesus her Husband. “Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety” (I Tim 2:15). Nevertheless, by continuing in faith in the Child born (the Seed of Woman) the woman and all her children, God’s elect, shall be saved.

     As members of the church, you believing women and men are part of the Mother, the Bride of Christ. We have a Husband, Christ Jesus. Those born of Him are our sons and daughters. We have a responsibility to submit to our Husband and to teach our children to do so. What a glorious privilege of grace. Never take it for granted!